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Why the Sudden Attention on Association Health Plans?

After multiple failed attempts by Congress to repeal and replace ACA, this month President Trump issued an executive order to bring back patient choice (and hopefully begin to lower costs).

The focus of the President’s order is on the needs of those often regarded as most negatively impacted by ACA: small business owners, their employees, and millions of individuals who earn too much to get subsidies but can’t afford the skyrocketing premiums.

Since the implementation of ACA the number of small business employees with health coverage has fallen from 50 percent to thirty percent. And premiums continue to climb.

For many small businesses, there has been a “work-around” available (that we at Spiralight have been offering for years). These are Association Health Plans (AHPs – and also occasionally referred to as “chamber plans” when made available through a chamber of commerce).

The president’s order in October aims to expand these Association Health Plans, which permit small businesses and other groups (like professional associations) to join together, offering two major advantages:

  1. They gave them buying power to a level similar to larger nationwide employers, and

  2. Alleviated many of the burdens brought on by ACA.

And until this month, ACA had placed severe restrictions on the availability of these plans. But this new executive order removes them. This is good news for small employers.

Here’s even more good news: Spiralight can provide immediate access.

Because of the complexity and sophistication of some of these plans, not all brokers and advisors are certified to enroll employers in these plans.

At Spiralight, our brokers will perform a Situational, Strategic and Technical assessment to understand where you’ve been, where you are now and what is the best solution to deliver you to where you want to be. To learn more or schedule your complimentary assessment, send us an email or call us at (614) 300-1316.

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