Ready to Lower Your Costs on Group Benefits?

Ready to LOWER COSTS on Group Benefits?

You've Got to Know Your SCORE First.

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Before the Affordable Care Act, you may remember that employer groups were each medically underwritten to determine the premiums and risk levels for that group as a whole.

With underwriting, unhealthy groups (with more and higher insurance claims) paid higher rates; healthy groups (with fewer claims) paid lower rates.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), to “level the underwriting playing field” in health insurance market for groups under 50 employees, established a “Community Rating” and eliminated underwriting and forced EVERYONE into one large underwriting pool. All employees of the same age, in the same county would pay the same price, regardless of medical history.

This was good news for groups with high claims—but bad for groups with younger or overall healthier members (which saw 100 percent rate increases).

Fortunately, Spiralight has access to ACA-compliant, proprietary solutions that give the advantages of underwriting back to groups that can benefit from it the most.

The CATCH: These solutions are are in limited distribution, and not available through all brokers. They are are customized to your company’s specific needs and objectives, rather than attempting to force a costly one-size-(doesn’t)-fit-all plan on your people.

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