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AHCA v. 2.0…Explained

Employers…feel free to review this self-guided presentation outlining “AHCA 2.0” —the new House Bill H.R. 1628, the American Health Care Act (AHCA) reconciliation bill to repeal and replace portions of the ACA!

As you know, this bill must pass the Senate before it becomes law but here is everything you need to know as it stands right now. Remember, CHANGES are inevitable, and we’ll provide updates as they become available.

If you would like, I am happy to present on the topic if you have any groups or associations you think would benefit from the content. Feel free to drop me an email at mbyrne@spiralightgroup.com.

Note: if viewing this page on a mobile device, tap HERE to open the presentation on Prezi.com

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AHCA v1.0: What You Need to Know

Well the first version of the GOP answer to ACA has been revealed…let the roller coaster ride begin! Several weeks ago, as we were anticipating the release of the new proposed plan and speculating over what might change, it dawned upon us that, what mattered more was what would likely remain the same.

As we anticipated, despite criticisms from conservative groups that this “version 1.0” of what has been named the American Health Care Act is nothing more than “Obamacare-LITE,” we have seen a greater emphasis on various forms of self-insurance (HSAs, HRAs, etc.).

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