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Employee Attraction & Retention

At Spiralight, we know that the success of your organization lies in the effectiveness with which you can attract good people—and hold on to them for the long run. This requires an intentional process of attraction and retention, and creating an environment in which your people are equipped and empowered to become their very best, and reach their fullest potential for themselves, their loved ones, as well as for your organization.


What does it take to find the right talent? How do you know if it’s a good fit? And once you identify solid prospects, what is the best approach to bringing them on board? Spiralight’s recruiting services will help you identify the right people for the right opportunities, leading to greater success.

Outplacement Support

We all know that there are times when organizations must make changes, or the fit with some staff just isn’t right…that is when individuals must occasionally be counseled out of their current positions and into new ones. That’s where outplacement support services come in, to ensure that when those needs arise, people receive the guidance and support they need to make it the best transition possible.

Training & Development

Every one of us offers the world not just what we can do today, but what we can do tomorrow—our potential. Organizations are no different, and programs that offer ongoing training and personal / professional development help to build a culture of growth, challenge, and lifelong learning.

Performance Evaluation

How does one measure progress and growth? Metrics are just one factor, and of course performance reviews and evaluations are crucial to the growth not just of each employee but to that of the organization. Spiralight’s Performance Evaluation models will help your people and your organization stay on the track that leads to the whole becoming far greater than the sum of its parts.