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Employee Benefits

Compensation in most workplaces is more than just salaries—and people know it. A comprehensive program will offer an array of health- and financial-related benefit options—and Spiralight’s solutions will have you covered.

MEWA Solutions

If you’ve seen your rates escalate under ACA, then MEWA may be your solution. Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements (MEWA) is a self-funded solution that allows employer groups of 50 or less, to join together into “multi-employer buying coalitions,” thus leveraging their collective numbers to bypass the community rating ACA still uses today and get the benefits of underwriting, saving money.

Health Insurance

Next to salaries, health insurance continues to be a staple of most compensation programs. Spiralight’s health insurance solutions will identify the best and most cost effective match for the needs of your people and your organization. These include solutions that offer dental and vision coverage…options that are less common these days and can add to your competitive advantage.

Disability Insurance

The chances of becoming temporarily disabled are far greater for most of us…more so than what most people realize. Disability solutions are crucial for the wellbeing of your people, providing protection and support for families when they need it most, while preserving the long-term wholeness and production capacity of individuals crucial to your organization’s success.


The protection of families and other stakeholders in the wake of a death is something we all must take into account, and Spiralight Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment solutions will give employees and their families peace of mind in knowing that should the unthinkable occur, protection and security is always there.

Voluntary Plans

Every employee has personal needs, concerns and priorities, whether it is for more effective financial planning or having access to additional, portable insurance solutions that help them achieve their goals. Spiralight can add value to the workplace by providing on-site access to experts, products and services that enable your people to get the services they need and want for their families.

HSA / HRA Plans

Nothing is better than taking control and ownership in one’s health—and on the financial side, Spiralight’s Health Savings Account (HSA) and Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) solutions are important tools to achieving this end. Not only do they create a structure that helps patients and plan participants get the best value for their health care dollar, they offer tax advantages that are unmatched in any other health insurance option.

Wellness Programs

Not only is taking control of one’s health great for the individual—it’s great for their employer and fellow workers! What comes with greater health and vitality? Higher and better quality work production (i.e. they become better employees!), and have lower health care costs and less time away from work for health reasons. Which begs the question: what is your organization doing to help foster health and wellness at work? Spiralight has just the answer.