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Retirement Planning

It’s no secret that most Americans are ill-prepared for retirement, and companies that can help their employees better prepare—through direct and shared fund contributions as well as access to advisory services, will be all the better off for it.


The 401(k) plan is the staple of retirement planning in American business today. However, there are far too many companies that still fail to put programs in place, simply because they may be deemed too risky, expensive or not worth the effort to administer. Through management services, guidance and a shared risk, Spiralight can make your organization’s 401k option a reality for your employees.

Defined Benefit Plans

Defined Benefit Plans (also known as Pension Plans) are still a major part of business retirement programs in many sectors of business today. Spiralight can provide access to resources and expertise that will help your organization and its people lay the foundation for a strong financial future.